Who else but our patients can testify to AOJR’s expertise in joint replacement surgery and how we helped improve their lives. Here are what some of our patients have to say:


Alcera" After the operation, I thought I wouldn't be ableto enjoy the same lifestyle as I had before. I was wrong, It's amazing how I can still enjoy activites likes dancing and aerobics."

Doris Alcera, 63y.o. Total Knee Replacement, February 2011





" After my hip replacment I feel no more pain. I now enjoy my new hip by travelling. I can now go everywhere, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore and China."

Mrs. Maxima Tiu, 62 yrs. old Total Replacement of the right hip, 27th February 2012







"Before the operation I felt very sick and couldn't walk long, but after my knee replacement I was able to jog 1 hour a day and even go dancing"

Mrs. Josefina Ramos, 65 yrs. old Total Knee Replacement Recipient (both knees) May 2011







Dancing the night away with Dr. Syquia at the "Boogie Nights- Keep on Dancing" event 2011


Ms. Erlinda Ramos, Total Hip Replacement Recipient(right) 2009.







" I felt that my new replaced knee is as good as my good knee. Now, I enjoy my usual activities and hobbies like sailing pain free! "

Rodney Dale Godkin, Total Knee Replacement Recipient (Left)







" Now I'm enjoying the activities I use to enjoy. I didn't need to go out of the country for a joint replacement, thanks to Dr. Ochoa of Advanaced Orthopedics for Joint Replacement."

Remedios Alcazar, 62 y.o. Bilateral Total Knee Replacement Recipient. ( click here to see her video)




" Im glad I had my knees fixed.  Now I can have fun with my family and friends pain free!"

Aida Cho 60yo Bilateral Total Knee Replacement Recipient.





“I am very happy and very satisfied with my new knee”.

Mrs. Florencia Felipe, 7 weeks after her knee replacement surgery, with her daughter Marita, a nurse based in New York City.





emily ylo1


"I never thought I would still enjoy an active life and pain free."

Emily Ylo,
Total Hip Replacement Recipient






Before his hip replacement, Erwin remembers one particular project in Kuwait where he experienced agonizing pain because of the long distance he had to walk. At another time, after a long flight, Erwin was unable to get up from his seat due to excruciating pain and had to be brought out of the aircraft on a wheelchair. Today, those persistent episodes are just things of the past. Erwin can meet the demands of his critical job with the best of his ability – pain free. Of this he says, “My life has changed, for the better!"

Erwin Depaep, 63 years old.
Dutch Expatriate.
Project Manager, Fluor Corporation


depaepweb2“Six years ago, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and was experiencing severe pain on both hips. Simple activities such as walking were such an ordeal. Normal day-to-day activities were extremely painful. It was then that I decided to have a hip replacement. That was three years ago. I wish I had done the surgery sooner. I never thought I could enjoy life again and walk pain-free.”

Desiree Quintana, 39 years old.
Bilateral Total Hip Replacement Recipient


depaepweb3“After the surgery I felt like my life went back to normal! I was afraid that I would never be able to walk again.”

Rosario Aurelio, 84 years old
Retired Minister Counselor
Department of Foreign Affairs
Total Hip Replacement Recipient



depaepweb4"As someone living with systemic lupus, the many years of steroid intake has affected my hip joint significantly that simply walking became a challenge. I had undergone hip replacement, which not only has enabled me to walk with ease, and pain-free but has given back the quality of life I now enjoy. To those of you who hesitate, it is my hope that you do not deny yourselves of worthy possibilities with the freedom of movement. Let health technology help restore your mobility and give you the best life you deserve. I have!

Carmen Co
Credit and Collection Manager
IT Specialist
Total Hip Replacement Recipient




"Now I can walk normally, travel and enjoy everything I used to do"

Merilea Primavera, 54 year old with Rheumatoid arthritis
Total knee replacement recipient




"Before, walking was very painful for me. I could not go upstairs or move around. But now, I can now go places and commuting is not a problem. Even my friends are amazed at how fast I have recovered"


Leyvita Isidro, 54 year old
Bilateral total knee replacement recipient




depaepweb7"My quality of life has remarkably improved. Now I can go wherever I want to."

Remedios Bugaon, 65 years old
Total knee replacement recipient





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