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Tuesday, 27 March 2012 07:34

According to studies, adult dehydration is a common occurance. Our body needs a minimum of 64 oz of water per day, some may need more depending on their activity and the weather in their area. Hydration is very important to our health specially if you have an active lifestyle.

How Do You Know If You Are Dehydrated?

The easiest way to know if you are dehydrated is to look at the color of your urine. If your urine is dark yellow or looks more like apple juice then you are dehydrated.  Unfortunately thirst is not enough indication that you are dehydrated, below are the list of syptoms which you may feel or see when you are mild to moderately dehydrated:

1) Dry mouth and dry lips

2) Dark urine

3) Sunken eyes

4) Flushed skin

5) Cramps

6) Headache or dizziness

7) Fatigue

8) Constipation

9) Dry skin

Why do we need to be properly hydrated?

Our bodies have about 60 to 70% water in them. Our blood is mostly water and our muscles, lungs, and brain all contain very much water. Imagine if we don't get enough water, our system will not be able to function well. Here are the main function of water in our body:

1. Regulates our body tempreture

2.  Aids in digestion

3. Acts as Lubricant and cushions our organs

4. Metabolizes Fat

5. Flushes out waste from our body

6. Keeps you looking and feeling young

What do I need to do to keep hydrated?

1. Start drinking water in the morning- a recommended eight glasses of water throughout the day, however you may need more

2. Take sips rather than gulping down water all at once. Be especially concious of your water intake during sports or other outdoor activity.

3. Drink steadily throughout the day especially if you are active to avoid dehydration symptoms like a headache or even a migraine. We lose water through urination, respiration, and by sweating. So replenish your water level frequently.

4. Make liquids available for you to consume when you need it. Have a bottle or a hydration pack with you specially when excercising under the heat.

5. Make it a habit to drink pure water because it is the only effective thirst quencher. Other drinks like caffeinated-alcohol of any kind, sodas of any kind and commercial sports drinks of any kind and fruit juices drinks will not effectively hydrate your cells.

Drinking enough pure water is definitely essential in maintaining optimum health and in the long run will have significant impact on the quality of life. So drink up for a more radiant, beatiful and healthier you.

Sources: science daily, wmd & about.com.chemistry


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