Celebrity Joints

Know the famous celebrities who have undergone joint replacement procedures and are living the life they’ve always have.



The Comedian and Media Personality

Active, young and glamorous Australian comedian and media personality, Amanda Keller had her hip raplacement last March 2011 at the age of 49. Her osteoarthritis was because of a slight misalignment of her hip which was also a genetic hip abnormality. Initially she thought it was a pinch nerve, she was surprised that it was osteoarthritis. According to Keller, the pain was so isolating that it even hurts to walk or even have her child sit on the lap. 



The Voice

Former Journey lead singer Steve Perry, also known as "The Voice" by the prominent peers and publication in the music industry,  suffered a hip injury while hiking in Hawaii. He had been diagnosed to have a degenerative bone condition and he was advised to have a hip replacement. Perry was very reluctance to undergo surgery and because of the pain he wanted to postpone Journey's tour.  His inability to tour while in pain is what lead to the final break-up of the band. Perry did eventually had a successful hip replacement procedure 1998.

Grand Slam Tennis Player


39 Grand Slam tennis title holder, sports icon and humanitarian Billie Jean King had both of her knees replaced last February 2010 at the age of 67yrs old. Ms. King recalled that she doesn't want to have the knee replacement because she thought it wasn't going to last. Upon talking to her orthopedic surgeon she was advised about the benefits of having the knee replacement and the implant technologies that are available. Finally after nearly four decades of suffering pain, she decided to go for the surgery.

Now after a year of rehabilitation, she now enjoys pain free knees and the mobility she needs to play her favorite sports again, tennis. She said she would have done it sooner and she feels like she's in her 20's again.


The Piano Man

Billy Joel had his "double -hip replacement" last November 2010 at the age of 61. The singer and song writter underwent surgery to fix a congenital hip ailment and was back on his feet less than two weeks after his hip replacements.

Billy Joel is very famous for his 70's and 80's groove which earned him multi-platinum albums and hit singles. "The Piano Man", which he is also called today is the name of the album which became his first top 20 single and first gold album.

Today, Billy Joel takes part on many benefit concerts to a wide range of groups like AIDS Projects, Kobe earthquake victims, Rainforest Benefits, and Save the Music.

British Dancing Legend


Wayne Sleep is best known for his work as a Principle Dancer with the Royal Ballet in England, and he is also an actor, choreographer and director. Sleep underwent hip replacement January of 2010 at the age of 62. He confessed that he didn't really want to have the operation because of the scary stories of what can happen with the operation. However after six years of pain he finally decided to have the surgery.

Three months later he performed in Cinderella at the Royal Opera House. Wayne says: " Having the hip replacement so close to my royal ballet comeback was a gamble- but the skill of my surgeon and physio got me through a dark period where I thought I might not be able to walk again, let alone dance".

The World Re-nowned Gymnast


One of America's fitness ambassadors, Mary Lou Retton had her hip replaced last June 2005 at the age of 37. The gold medalist athlete didn't know she had hip dysplasia, and the gymnastic performances she did earlier in her career aggravated her condition.

Today, Mary Lou talks about her joint replacement to encourage people who are suffering to get help immediately. She also said that her only regret was not having the joint replacement done sooner.

Mary Lou gained popularity when she earned five medals in the 1984 Olympic Games, which also placed her as the first American woman to win the All Around Gold Medal in women's gymnastics.


The Legendary Entertainer

Liza-MinelliAmerican singer and actress Liza Minneli, had a total knee replacement early this year(2010). Now that she's back on her feet, the 64 year-old star is now attending dance lessons and concerts,  "I'm running around like a wild woman" she said. The total knee replacement procedure was very challenging but she said, "The strength is getting really great and I'm touring all over the place, my God I'm everywhere!".

Liza Minneli is best known internationally for her appearance as Sally Bowles in the 1972 film version of the Broadway musical, Cabaret, for which she won the Academy Award for Best Actress.



Rising Above Total Hip Replacement

Figure skater, Rudy Galindo participated in the "Champions On Ice 2004 Tours" on two new ceramic hip implants. He didn't miss a performance and skated very well throughout the tours. Rudy had his left and right hips replaced Sept and Oct respectively of 2003.



The Fitness Icon

Jane Fonda, famous actress, fitness icon and philanthropist had her left knee replaced last June 2009. She recently launched the first ever "World Fitness Day "last May 1, 2010 in Atlanta Georgia. This new annual event celebrates the benefits of good health and highlights the importance of physical activity in promoting it.

jack_nicklausJust One in a Million

Golfing legend Jack Nicklaus is just one of the millions of happy patients worldwide who had a joint replacement.

Guess who's back and also had a joint replacement.

Arnold Swarzennegger is one of the millions of happy joint replacement recipients worldwide. (Disclaimer: AOJR or any of its doctors do not claim to have operated on Governor Arnold Swarzennegger)

The 43rd President of the United States of America and his first Lady

Former President George Bush, 76, had his left hip replaced, December 5, 2000, at the Mayo Clinic, and the clinic reported that things went well. First lady Barbara Bush also had successful hip replacement surgery at the Mayo Clinic in December 1997.



Elizabeth Taylor, actress

For quite some time, walking was so painful she used a cane. She had her left hip replaced first. Many months later, she had the right hip done.

queen_ElizabethQueen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother in Britain

She had her second hip replacement in January 1998. Recent newsreels showed that she is walking well. She carries a cane but was never seen in public actually using it.

Bo Jackson, football, baseball, actor

He injured his hip playing football with the Los Angeles Raiders. Jackson said their team were in the playoffs, playing against the Cincinnati Bengals when he was tackled from behind and his hip was injured. He eventually had a total hip replacement and played only baseball for the next two seasons.

Sammy_ShoresSammy Shore

Legendary comedian Sammy Shore who has appeared with the likes of Elvis, Barbra Streisand, Ann Margaret, Tony Bennett, Sammy Davis and has now become a motivational speaker on the "JOYS OF AGING"... Also founder of The Comedy Store in Hollywood has had two complete hip surgery at the same time 18 years ago.


Roddy Piper, WCW wrestler

Piper, WCW wrestler, underwent a total hip replacement in December 1995.


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