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A Great Holiday with Arthritis PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 22 December 2012 00:00

stockingsThe holidays are fast approaching and we know there’s so much to prepare.  Here are tips to have a great holiday with friends and family even with arthritis:

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10 Things We can Do on a Rainy Weekend PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 25 October 2012 08:35
  1. Indoor games – There’s so many indoor games that can liven up the whole family which can make bonding time fun on a gloomy day. Here are some suggestions; indoor treasure hunting, guessing games, scrabble and all time favorite Pinoy Henyo.raindrops
    1. SPA galore- For those who just wanted to spend quality time by themselves, declare this day your homemade spa day. Blend your own fresh body scrub, foot scrub and hair treatment and lock yourself in your bath with a book and soft music for a day of relaxation. What you need: a good book, soft music and your home made recipe for scrubs and hair treatment.
    2. Hobbies - You may have some pending projects that you have been meaning to start or finish but you haven’t had the time to do so. Here are some things you can do: cataloguing your secret recipes or the family’s favorite culinary treats; quilting or even explore your artistic side like painting; or learn a new piece on your piano or guitar.
    3. Culinary exploration- This is the time when going out is out of the questions and take out comes in soggy and cold because of the weather. Whip up your own menu for the week end and get the family involve in preparing and cooking your meals. Don’t forget to include healthy stuff on kid’s favorites, 98% of kids will eat what they help to prepare.
    4. Get interactive- There are so many games now that are so interactive it’s like playing the real thing. Like tennis, soft ball and dancing. This way you still get the kids and the adults to exercise while having fun.
    5. A Film Festival of your own- Choose a theme, and select the movie the group will enjoy. Put some cozy pillows, blankets to snuggle in, and big bowls of popcorn on the side and enjoy!
    6. Indoor Party- Invite some friends for a themed party for late lunch or dinner. Ask them to dress up and don’t forget to load your camera for some picture taking.couch
    7. Domestic Stuff- It is the perfect time to organize, reorganize and tidy up the house. You can group your selves or simply assign your family members which needs to be taken care of, and don’t forget the rewards.
    8. Catch-up. Most of us are so caught up with our everyday “things to do” without taking a pause to talk to friends and contacts. As they say never burn bridges, so keep up on old friends and contacts by e-mailing, writing them, make that card that you were meant to do for a friend, return some calls and make some calls.
    9. Electronic Clarity- This is also the time when you can just get a cappuccino and spend time cleaning and sorting your e-mails. Get those spam mails recognized and  from
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