Gallery - Valle Verde 4 Osteoarthritis Awareness Lecture and Free Bone Screening
Valle Verde 4 Clubhouse Entrance
Valle Verde 4 clubhouse entrance, where the lecture and free bone density exam was held last Sept 5, 2010.
Registration Area at Valle 4
Upon registration the participants were given orthopedic questionaires, which will be interpreted by the doctor and mailed to them after a week.
Sponsors for the osteoarthritis lecture and free bone screening.
Arlyn Rodriguez, AOJR manager and the sponsors of the osteoarthritis awareness lecture and free bone density. Further left and right are Ms. Elena Aloc and Resty Dela Peña of Invida Phils, middle left is Mitch Cruz of Merck Sharp and Dohme Phils.
Dr. Syquia, with his old patient who happens to live in Valle Verde 4.
Residents of Valle 4 and their guests, while having bone density exam.
A resident of Valle Verde, while having her bone density done.
Dr. Syquia, while lecturing about osteoporosis.
Dr. Syquia with Valle 5 resident, Mrs. Barreta with her friends.
Mrs. Barreta (far right) was not able to attened the lecture in their Valle, so she decided to come and bring along some friends.
Dr. Syquia, while discussing about Osteoarthritis.
Dr. Syquia stressed that OS is irreversible once you have it. However, there are ways to prevent further damage.
Dr. Syquia, discussing about the treatment options for osteoarthritis.
Residents of Valle Verde 4 and 5 who attended the lecture at the Valle 4 Club House.
Residents of Valle Verde were allowed to invite their friends to the lecture.
Participants of "The Osteoarthritis or Osteoporosis Lecture" at the Valle Varde 4 Clubhouse.
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