Gallery - Corinthian Gardens Osteoarthritis Awareness Talk 2011
Participants flocking in to register.
Participants are encouraged to come in early to have their bone density exam and answer an osteoarthritis diagnostic test.
The Talk at Corinthian Gardens is the start of AOJR's series of talks around Cardinal Santos.
The event was hosted by the Corinthian Garden's Association Inc. together with Advanced Orthopedics for Joint Replacement and sponsored by Aclasta by Novartis Health Care Philippines.
Jed Marcelino, AOJR's Assistant and Aimee Igpuara of Novartis, are there to entertain participants at the registration booth.
At the registration table.
Participants while watching the osteoarthritis video.
Participant having her bone density taken.
Only with a bone density exam will a patient know if she has osteoporosis.
Participant at the registration table.
Content of the registration table.
Participants of the Osteoarthritis Awareness event are provided with an Osteoarthritis brochure together with the diagnostic test and bone screening results.
A participant answering her osteoarthritis diagnostic Test.
The osteoarthritis test will be interpreted by our doctor after the event and results will be mailed to them.
Participants watching a video regarding osteoarthritis while waiting for everyone to finish their osteoporosis test.
The results of their bone density tests will be discussed in a group consultation after the lecture.
A resident of Corinthian Gardens having her bone density taken.
The lecturer, Dr. R Angelo T. Ochoa.
Dr. Ochoa, is one of Advanced Orthopedics for Joint Replacement's doctor who specializes in joint replacement, arthroscopy and general orthopedics.
Dr. Ochoa started his lecture with the differentiation of Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis.
A survey made by AOJR's of their bone density participants last year suggests that 88% of patients with osteoporosis thinks that these two are one and the same.
Participants listening intently while Dr. Ochoa discusses Osteoarthritis.
Dr. Ochoa while discussing how to prevent and manage osteoarthritis.
Participants listening while Dr. Ochoa discusses the causes of osteoporosis.
Dr. Ochoa, while discussing about the effects of osteoporosis.
Participant during the question and answer portion, shows her bone density result to be discussed.
A Resident of Corinthian Gardens ask Dr. Ochoa about her orthopedic concerns.
Ms. Arlene Yu (sitting down) consulting her osteoarthritis pain.
Dr. Ochoa while answering the participant's question about osteoarthritis during the question and answer portion of the event.
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