Gallery - Let's Talk OA- An Osteoporosis & Osteoarthritis Lecture 2011
Let's Talk OA banner at the entrance of the Valle Verde 1 Clubhouse.
This year we were lucky to have been allowed to hold another osteoarthritis awareness lecture in the Valle Verde Subdivisions.
Residents of Valle Verde1 line up for the bone density exam.
Results of the bone density exams are discussed after the lecture.
Dr. San Pedro, while discussing the causes of osteoporosis.
Jed Marcelino, AOJR assistant as she introduce Dr. Paul San Pedro.
Dr. San Pedro talking to Glen the representative of Maxipharm Company.
Dr. Paul Cesar San Pedro while lecturing.
Valle Verde 1 Osteoarthritis Awareness Lecture 2011
Patients watching AOJR's osteoarthritias video, while waiting for everyone to finish their bone density exam.
Residents of Valle 1 listening with interest.
Ms. Arlyn, AOJR's manager & Mrs. Zalamea (in fuchia blouse) with her friend while registering.
Dr. San Pedro, while discussing the symptoms of osteoarthritis.
AOJR staff with our sponsor for the Valle Verde 1 Osteoarthritis Awareness Lecture 2011. Maxipharm Company Ltd.
Participants of the Osteoarthritis Awareness Lecture in Valle Verde 1.
A resident of Valle Verde 1, during the question and answer portion of the event.
Mrs. Evelyn Kilayko(sitting down) with her husband Juan Kilayko, as she brings up her concerns about osteoporosis.
Participants listen to their fellow attendees' concerns.
Mrs. Tiu and Dr. San Pedro discussing during the break.
It's a usual scene when participants approach the doctors to clarify further some of the topics during the event.
Mrs. Zalamea showed Dr. Paul her xray while seeking advise regarding her knee pain.
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