Gallery - Let's Talk OA: Osteoarthritis Awareness Lecture 2011 in Valle Verde 3
Valle Verde 3 mini function room, where the lecture was held.
Residents of Valle Verde 3, while listening to Dr. Paul San Pedro's lecture regarding osteoporosis.
Registration area where participants can answer osteoarthritis scores /surveys and take their bone density exam.
AOJR's Manager, Arlyn & Gen. Emilio Melendres Jr. the President of The Third Valle Verde Assoc. Inc.
Dr. San Pedro, while answering some questions regarding osteoarthritis remedies.
Valle 3 residents watching a short video regarding osteoarthritis.
Dr. Paul San Pedro, while explaining the meaning of the graphs in the osteoporosis test.
Participants having her bone density taken, while others wait for their turn.
A resident of Valle 3 having her bone density exam done.
A resident asking Dr. San Pedro about hip fractures and the type of medicines she can take if she has osteoporosis.
Valle 3 resident having her bone density exam done.
The staff of AOJR, Jed & Arlyn(both in brown blouse) with Lani(in red) & the staff of Cosett Phils.
AOJR Manager, Arlyn (middle) with the admin staff of Valle Verde 3 Odette & Lani.
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