Gallery - Let's Talk OA in La Vista 2011
Poster for La Vista
Mrs. Liling Nuguid and Ms. Ellis, while answering the osteoarthritis diagnostic tests.
Mr. & Mrs. Villaseñor while waiting to have their bone density exam taken.
Nycomed Phils., showed off their products.
participants of the osteoarthritis awareness lecture in La Vista last July 27, 2011.
A resident of La Vista, having his bone density checked.
Participants while being assisted by Nycomed staff.
registration table at the La Vista Club House
Let's Talk OA venue: La Vista CLub House, August 27, 2011
Dr. Syquia getting ready for his lecture.
Dr. Syquia, as he discusses osteoarthritis treatment.
Participants listening intently to the lecture.
Dr. Syquia while discussing some misconceptions about osteoarthritis treatments.
Dr. Syquia as he answers some questions about osteoporosis.
Prof Jhonny Lim asked Dr. Syquia about his orthopedic concerns.
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