Gallery - Doc. Jello's Trip to Switzerland
Schulthess Clinic, where Doc Jello studied periacetabular osteotomy under Dr. Reinhold Ganz.
Dr. Jello Ochoa with Dr. Reinhold Ganz, having breaks in between operations.
Dr. Jello Ochoa with Prof Michael Leunig, ORTHO Dept Chairman in SKUZ.
Dr. Ochoa with Rafael Casio, Filipino staff at the Schulthess Klinik University of Zurich.
Dr. Ochoa with Mark Tamayo.
Schulthess Klinik University of Zurich, Switzerland.
At the lobby of Schulthess
Dr. Ochoa with Sally Casio
Inside the operating room of Schulthess Klinik, Zurich.
Doc Jello while touring Zurich and other tourist destination near it.
Dr. Ochoa also took the opportunity to tour around Zurich.
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