Gallery - Boogie Nights Part 2
Manila Polo Club Entrance
Ms. Chela Chavez and Mrs. Norma Chavez with Dr. Agbayani.
Dr. Agbayani's 100yrs old patient, Mrs. Francisca Nazareno.
Second time attendees, Mrs. Josefina Ramos and Mrs. Remedios Alcazar
Main Hall
Patients groove to the music of the 60's & 70's provided by The ADB Band.
The ADB Band
Mrs. Erlinda Ramos with Doctor Syquia and friends.
Patients of Dr. Syquia
Candid at the Registration Area with patients coming.
Registration area
Mrs. Josefa De Guzman with Dr. Agbayani
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Godkin with Dr. Ochoa.
Mr. & Mrs. Godkin also won the award for best dancing couple. They received prices from Cocoon Spa and cool shades from GenAsia]
Mrs. Luzviminda Pelayo and Friends
Mr. Simeon & Mrs. Regina Hernandez.
Mrs. Carmen Isidro and her daughter with Dr. San Pedro.
At the registration area2
At the registration area 3.
Mr. Alberto & Mrs. Loreta Perez
Angie welcomes Dr. Syquia's patient, Mrs. Teresita T. Liboro.
At the registration area 4
Mrs. Teresita Liboro
Mrs. Cabugao, giving some testimonials to Arlyn, our office manager.
Mrs. Tronco & Dr. Ochoa with patient.
Mrs. Belen Pulido with Children Editha & Eliza Pulido
Mr. Frederico Borromeo, Dr. Jose Fernando Syquia & Mrs. Czarina Ablaza Syquia
Mrs. Josefa De Guzman & companions.
Mrs. Rosabella Alba with Dr. Syquia
Mrs. Nema Abong & daughter
Mr. & Mrs. Cabugao with Dr. Syquia
Welcome speech by Dr. Jose Fernando Syquia.
Welcome speech by Dr. San Pedro.
GSK Representative, Jen & Pam.
Welcome speech by Dr. Iggy Agbayani
Speech by Dr. Angelo T. Ochoa
Mrs. Doris Alcera chatting with Dr. Iggy Agbayani.
MDS Phils.' medrep, Medoh German & Jeca Marcelino at the registration area.
Angie and Medoh at the registration area.
AOJR manager, Arlyn Rodriguez with Mrs. Rosabella Alba.
Dr. & Mrs. Syquia with guest, Chloe Romulo.
Mr. Onin & Mrs. Rein Rogado with Arlyn Rodriguez
Mrs. Lily Dee and Family with Dr. Jose Fernando Syquia
Czarina Syquia, Dixie San Pedro, Maricel Agbayani & Maricar Kison
The Doctors of AOJR and their wives
Boogie Nights Part 2 Venue
Main Hall, Manila Polo Club, October 20, 2012
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