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Friday, 25 April 2014 07:17

Got some ideas from patients on how they spend their summer. Here is the list for those who needs inspiration on how to make the remaining days of summer enjoyable.

aerobicWater Aerobics and Swimming

Water sports are a very popular especially for the summer months. Water activities are good for muscle and heart strengthening; it is also less stressful on our joints and can be enjoyed by all age groups. Water Aerobics or Aqua Aerobics are being offered by some Gyms and Clubs or if you are on a vacation, hotel and resorts may offer this as an activity as part of their guest itinerary.


waterballsBack Yard Water Fun

Set up your own backyard water obstacle course. Put some sprinklers on, set up some inflatable pools and organize some games for a refreshing bonding time with the family during the hot weather.



Basket ball is very popular and also has a lot of physical and mental benefits. This exercise helps burn calories, build muscle and endurance, develop balance and coordination, and develop concentration and self discipline. It is a great overall work out and also fun to play with friends.

horseHorseback Riding

Riding a horse is therapeutic and also a good exercise. It strengthens the core by stimulating the dorsal and abdominal muscles, develops balance and coordination and less stress on our ankles and knees. The whole encounter of riding can be stress relieving and exhilarating.


Hiking is a great way to experience the beauty of our surroundings and native wildlife, and it is free making it a top summer activity and ideal for a day away.

Ice Skating

Some of us would prefer water sports for the summer, however there are some that craves the indoors and out of the sun activities. Ice skating can be a beneficial exercise together with the cool atmosphere inside the rink.kayak


Jogging is one of the most preferred form of exercise and all you need is a pair of good shoe. Jogging regularly builds strong bones, promotes cardiovascular health, and helps in weight management.

Kayaking and Rowing

For those who has access kayaking and rowing regularly is a good way to build strength, power and endurance. Kayaking improves strength at the arms, back and abdominal muscles, while rowing develop legs, back and arms strength.


For people who are not so enthusiastic on outdoor activities Yoga can be a healthy and relaxing alternative. Yoga is basically an activity to bring the body, mind and spirit in harmony by exercise, breathing and meditation. Yoga promotes muscle flexibility, strength, endurance and also promotes relaxation and overall good health.

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